What happens to my business if I become disabled?

Most disability events, except in the most extreme cases, are initially considered to be events of temporary disability. It will be only after a period of time that a consensus will occur about the nature of the disability as temporary and permanent.

In dealing with disability events, definitions become very important. The status of being disabled is difficult since disability could be considered anything from poor eyesight to complete paralysis. This is not to even consider whether the disability should be called permanent or temporary. Therefore it is best to deal with disability as it affects the activity of an individual in the business. The extent an individual is unable to perform in the business as anticipated or as required should be the measure of the disability status of that individual. Time and energy should not be spent on specifying the cause of the failure of the individual to perform. A physically handicapped individual might not be able to perform a manager’s duties but might perform well as an owner.

For more on how to define a disability that will trigger a buy-sell agreement, please click to access a PDF about disability definitions.