Why can't I take time off without causing problems?

Are you your best employee? Does the business not run properly in your absence? Does this mean that your business is at risk if something happens that you cannot work in the business?

There is no rational justification for this situation. It is as simple as that. Yet I meet business owners who will confess to me that this is the situation with their business and seem to take some pride in it. I assume they interpret the dependence of their business on them as some kind of personal compliment – a verification of their self-importance. As quickly as I can I point out that this situation is a classic manifestation of ego over intellect and denial overriding reality. Why would you build value in a business and then lose it over your own vanity?

Given the risk inherent in every business, the business owner does best who creates a business system not dependent on any one individual and which moves forward following a group decision-making process which is grounded in reality. The catalyst for this is a business owner who is sufficiently humble to observe and use the talent and skills of others, who creates a system of business utilizing redundancy and continual training, and who accepts the role of owner without engaging in production or management activities. This business owner will be able to sell the business system to an outside party for maximum value.

One place to start is to learn how to delegate. Please click to access a PDF taking you step by step through the process of learning to delegate.