Business Transition Consulting LLC

Solutions for Business Owners

Business Transition Consulting (BTC) helps business owners through the maze of business ownership issues and problems

An emphasis on the process of making good decisions

Make Timely Decisions Based on

Effective Planning Process

Understanding and Implementing the Dynamic Planning Process

Once implemented the Dynamic Planning Process is continuous and sustaining without the need for time consuming revisions. BTC can work with the owners of a business to establish Dynamic Planning

Continuous Effective Decision Making

A business should have a Decision-making Policy that is utilized in making all material decisions. This diminishes the effect of emotional irrationality and knowledge gaps. BTC can implement effective Decision-making policies.

Realizing Maximum Value from the Business

Just as the buyer of a business conducts a diligence investigation, the owner of a business should engage in Prior Diligence to obtain maximum value from the business interest. BTC can organize and establish Prior Diligence.


A consulting intervention to be effective must be more than a written recommendation. The decision-making and planning infrastructure of the business must support the actions that will accomplish the goals of the intervention. BTC can assure the effective installation of such an infrastructure.


The acquisition of a business requires a diligence investigation. BTC can provide the organization and expertise to conduct such an investigation.


While the expertise of BTC is in bringing individual owners to a focus on their business success, there are situations where an individual desires coaching services. BTC provides understanding and experience for individual concerns.